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Agenda with Materials

SPB agenda 4-09.doc

I.  Welcome (Denise Page Hood)

II.  Discussion Items

         A.    Role of State Planning Body

                   Report on meeting with Chief Justice Kelly (Hood, Weir, Stangl, Gillett; 20 minutes)

         B.    Unemployment advocacy

                   Michigan's unemployment rate is among the highest in the nation but there is no effective advocacy system for these cases. The state's ACE program was dramatically cut and the UAW Clinic closed. Many/most legal services programs haven't been handling these cases. (TBA; 20 minutes)

                                      spb unemployment blanchard art 4-09.doc

         C.    Funding and Advocacy opportunities with the new administration

                   Report on legal services funding (Weir, Gillett, Stangl; 15 minutes) Non-LSC funding update will be materials only.

                                      SPB Brennan restrictions memo 4-09.doc

                                      SPB Brennan restrictions letter 4-09.doc


                                      Civil Access to Justice Act.pdf

         D.    Parents/Children's rights cases in the Michigan Supreme Court

                   The Michigan Supreme Court has granted leave in a number of parents/children's' rights cases (after very little activity in this area for several years). Two cases (Rood and Hudson/Morgan) were recently decided. Three more (Lee, McBride, Hunter) are pending. (Regina Daniels Thomas, LAD; 20 minutes)

                                      mcbride in re rood opinion 4-09.pdf

                                      Hudson/Morgan Decision

                                      mcbride SCT order and COA opinions 2-09.pdf

                                      Amicus Brief of NLA

III.  Updates Information and Reports (All short reports---most 5 minutes but a few may take longer)

         A.   Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project (Lorray Brown or Bob Gillett)

                                      foreclosure (as passed House 3-11-09)-4453.pdf

                                      foreclosure (as passed House 3-11-09)-4454.pdf

                                      foreclosure (as passed House 3-11-09)-4455.pdf

                                      foreclosure (as passed Senate 4-02-09)-4453.pdf

                                      foreclosure (as passed Senate 4-02-09)-4454.pdf

                                      foreclosure (as passed Senate 4-02-09)-4455.pdf

         B.    Committee on Justice Initiatives Report (Terri Stangl)

         C.    Immigration support and advocacy project (Susan Reed)

                                      MIRP Website

         D.    Pro Bono---pro bono summit; pro bono survey; future pro bono training; etc. (Dennis Donahue and Bob Gillett)

         E.    Criminal Defense System Developments (Jim Neuhard or Frank Eaman)

         F.    Bar Foundation Pro Se study (Linda Rexer)

         G.    Prisoner re-entry employment discrimination (Terri Stangl or Mike Chielens)

         H.    Other

VI.  Next SPB Meeting—July 22, 2009

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