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April 24, 2012*

Agenda & Teleconference Number

The meeting will be at the State Bar Building, 306 Townsend Street, Lansing, MI 48939. Lunch will be served at 12:00 noon and the meeting will begin at 12:30.

  I.   Welcome; introductions. (Denise Page Hood)  

  II.   Discussion Items  

      A.   Hon. Chad Schmucker, the head of the State Court Administrative Office, will discuss SCAO's work on the implementation of the Crossroads Report
      B.   The Solutions on Self Help (SOS) Task Force is leading the effort to develop a website for self-represented persons. The Task Force expects the website to be live by May 1 or so. Linda Rexer (co-chair of the Task Force) and Angela Tripp (the head of the website development team from MPLP) will demonstrate and lead a discussion on the website.

Toolkits for Michigan Law Help web site Pilot Project 5 (DOC)

Automated Documents to be produced for Michigan Self (DOC)


      C.   Update on legal services funding cuts (Deierdre Weir)
      D.   Crossroads committee reports
            1.   Child Welfare and Indian Child Welfare Act issues (Ann Routt and Hon. Timothy Connors)

SPB Poverty Exemption Memo 3-12 (DOC) - memo regarding poverty exemption to abuse and neglect statute

SPB poverty legislative language 4-12 (DOC) - proposed legislative language regarding poverty exemption

SPB MIFPA draft 1-12 (DOC) - ICWA - proposed Michigan act

            2.   Fees/fines/costs (Miriam Aukerman)

SPB f-f-c SPB report 4-13-12 for circulation (PDF) - Proposed SPB report and recommendations on fees fines and costs

  III.   Reports, Updates, Information Sharing  

We want to keep the Planning Body informed about these issues.

Presenters are invited to give written or brief oral reports. We appreciate written reports that can be distributed before the meeting. If you feel like you need more than 5-10 minutes for your report, please contact Bob Gillett at rgillett@lsscm.org and we will schedule that time. If you have written materials, please send them to Bob electronically.

      A.   Report on SPB Administrative matters (Denise Page Hood)
      B.   Developments in indigent criminal defense (Dawn Van Hoek)

SPB Indigent Defense Advisory Commission Policy Recommendations (PDF)

      C.   Language access developments (Candace Crowley)

ABA-Language-Standards-Adopted (PDF)

DOJ Letter of Finding to NC AOC (PDF)

      D.   Immigration issues and developments
      E.   Report on welfare litigation (Terri Stangl)

Smith v. Corrigan - circuit court order 3-12 (PDF)

Smith v Corrigan - supreme court order 4-13-12 (PDF)

      F.   Prisoner re-entry issues (Terri Stangl)
      G.   Amicus report (Ann Routt)

spb amicus list 4-12 (DOC) - amicus list 4-12

      H.   Unemployment advocacy (Steve Gray)
      I.   State Bar Committee on Justice Initiatives (Terri Stangl)
      J.   Pro Bono (Bob Gillett)
      K.   Other reports?

  IV.   Next SPB Meetings  

July 24, 2012 (Detroit)
October 23, 2012 (Lansing)

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