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April 30, 2013

Agenda & Teleconference Number (doc)

The meeting will be at the State Bar building in Lansing. Lunch will be served at 12:00 noon.

I.   Welcome and introductions. (Denise Page Hood)

II.   Discussion items

      A.   Immigration Law Changes (Danny Inquilla)

There have been a number of changes in this area over the past several months---including the President's announcement of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program; the advocacy efforts to obtain Michigan driver's licenses for DACA enrollees; and, most recently, federal efforts to enact immigration reform laws.

      SPB Immigration Outline for 4-30-2013.pdf 

      MIRC DACA drivers license news item 2-19-2013.pdf 

      SOS press release 02-01-13 Limited term drivers licenses and DACA.pdf 

      MIRC 2-2013 immigration and drivers license update.pdf 

      MIRC Mica Act Update 4-12-2013.pdf 

      MIRC immigration bill package update 4-23-2013.pdf 

      NILC imm-reform-senate-bill-summary-2013-04-22.pdf 

      Farmworker Justice - Ag Imm provisions 3-pager 4-19-13.pdf 

      B.   Fees/Fines/Costs (Hon. Elizabeth Hines; Miriam Aukerman; Bob Gillett)

The SPB adopted a report on this issue at its April 2012 meeting. Since then, an ad hoc committee including members of the Planning Body, the ACLU, and the State Bar's Criminal Issues Initiative have been working with other groups to answer questions about and to elicit support for the proposal. This discussion will update the SPB on those efforts; discuss proposed changes to the report based on the feedback we have received; and discuss next steps for this project.

      SPB f-f-c report as adopted 4-12.pdf 

      SPB f-f-c court rule revised 4-13.docx 

      spb f-f-c judges protocols 3-13.docx 


      C.   Child Welfare and Juvenile Justice Issues

The Planning Body has been following a number of related and overlapping child welfare and juvenile justice issues. These include: (a) supporting legislation that would prevent the removal of children from their families based on poverty; (b) litigation and possible legislation addressing the In re: C.R. (one parent jurisdiction) problem; (c) opposing new DHS policies that provide for the termination of family assistance if a child fails to regularly attend school; (d) tracking and supporting the work of DHS Race Equity Coalition; (e) tracking the implementation of Miller v. Alabama (juveniles sentenced to life without parole) in Michigan; (f) supporting efforts (litigation and legislative) to assure compliance with the Indian Child Welfare Act (ICWA). In addition, many SPB members have opposed legislation to authorize juvenile court jurisdiction based on "anticipatory neglect" and have advocated with DHS regarding their "failure to protect" policies.

            1.   Terminations based on poverty


            2.   One Parent Jurisdiction doctrine

            Sanders Amici Motion and Brief Leave App 3-13.pdf 

            3.   Truancy

            FIP SCHOOL TRUANCY POLICY (4).pdf

            Issue Alert- 12-10-01 - school truancy policy change FINAL.pdf

            2013-HIB-4388 Truancy and FIP.pdf

            MAP Testimony re HB4388.pdf

            CCJ Testimony re HB4388.pdf

            Articles on Strategies to Reduce Truancy.pdf

            4.   Race Equity Coalition


            5.   Miller v. Alabama

            State bar planning memo on Miller.April 30 meeting.docx 

            6.   Native American issues

            SPB MIFPA comparison chart 4-13.pdf 

            SPB MILS update memo 4-13.docx

            7.   Removal standards



            8.   Anticipatory neglect

            SPB lovick memo 4-13.docx

            9.   Failure to protect

We'd like to update the SPB on these issues and to discuss how to move these efforts forward in 2013-14.

III.   Reports, Updates, Information Sharing

      A.   Reports

On the other areas that the SPB has been following, we are inviting written reports prior to the meeting or brief oral reports at the meeting. Please let us know if you would like to give an oral report at the meeting. If you feel like you need more than 5-10 minutes an in person report, please contact Bob Gillett at rgillett@lsscm.org . If you have written materials, please send them to Bob electronically.

            1.  Intake on Wage and Hour claims (David Blanchard)
            2.   Update on right to counsel; Gideon anniversary events (Dawn Van Hoek and Bob Gillett)

              SPB Gideon anniversary powerpoint 4-13.ppt

            3.   Michigan Legal Help Program (Linda Rexer)

              MLH User Guide April 2013.pdf 

              MLH Stats and Web Content April 2013.pdf 

            4.   E-filing issues (Penokie and others)

            SPB Wayne County e-filing memo 4-13.docx 

            SPB e-filing e-mail exchange 4-13.docx 

            5.   Pro Bono (Bob Gillett)

            SPB Michigan Pro Bono Assessment Final Report February 2013.pdf

            6.  Amicus report (Ann Routt)

            spb lsam amicus update 4-23-13.doc

            7.   Update on LSC funding (Deierdre Weir)
            8.   Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project (Lorray Brown or Bob Gillett)

            Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project Final April 2013.docx

            9.   State Bar Committee on Justice Initiatives (Terri Stangl)
            10.   Language access developments (Candace Crowley)
            11.   Developments in Indigent Criminal Defense (Dawn Van Hoek)


            12.   SCAO Court Tools program (Libby Hines and Bob Gillett)
            13.   Prisoner re-entry issues (Terri Stangl)
            14.   MI-UI report (Steve Gray)

IV.   2013 Meeting Schedule

 July 23 (Detroit)

October 22 (Lansing)

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