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Agenda with Materials

Agenda 2-10

I.  Welcome (Denise Page Hood)

II.  Discussion Items

         A.   State Bar of Michigan Judicial Crossroads Process                        

The State Bar has embarked on an ambitious process with the hope that those with familiarity with and a stake in the court system will fashion a set of recommendations for the system that will be considered by the legislature as it looks at the system this year.

This process is co-chaired by Ed Pappas and Barry Howard and includes a main committee and four subcommittees.  The subcommittees are working in the areas of Court Structure and Resources, Access to Justice, Technology, and Business Impact. 

A number of Planning Body members are involved in this process - and the work of this committee might significantly impact future access to justice work in the state - We'd like to have a discussion of this topic - so that members of the Judicial Crossroads committees have the input of other Planning Body members.

To introduce the discussion, there will be a presentation by the State Bar executive staff who are supporting this process---Janet Welch (Executive Director of the State Bar), Anne Vrooman (Director of Research and Development), Candace Crowley (Director of External Development), Cliff Flood (General Counsel), and Brian Hildreth (Information Technology Services).  We also plan to distribute background materials on the process next week.

Group C Grid 12-16-09.pdf; JCTF ATJ Committee Work Group C Organizational Chart.pdf; SRINTERIM REPORTatd.pdf; SRINTERIM REPORTatd (2).pdf; TaskForceand Committees.pdf; TECH INTERIM REPORT_1kt.pdf; ATJINTERIM REPORT_1cjsm.pdf; ChildWelfareResources.pdfGrid WG B 1-7-10.pdf

MINUTES:  Minutes from Workgroup B meeting 1-29-10 lhw edit.doc

 III.  Reports, Updates, Information Sharing      

We want to keep the Planning Body informed about these issues.  Reports in these areas are optional and we'd like to keep each individual report to 5 minutes if possible.  Written reports or links to materials are appreciated.  If your report can wait until the next meeting, that is fine.

If you'd like to give a verbal update at the meeting, please contact Evetta Adams at LAD (313-967-5555, ext. 5604; Eadams@ladadetroit.org).  If you have written materials, please send them to Evetta electronically.

         A.  Poverty/fees/Issue

         B.  Michigan Supreme Court - Efforts to Enhance Access and Fairness 

         C.  Bar Foundation Pro Se study

         D.  Criminal Defense System Developments 

         E.  Pro Bono

         F.  State Bar Committee on Justice Initiatives

         G.  Parents/Children's rights cases in the Michigan Supreme Court

         H.  Unemployment advocacy

         I.   Funding and Advocacy opportunities with the new administration

         J.   Immigration issues and developments

         K.  Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project

         L.  Prisoner re-entry issues

IV.   Next SPB Meeting---2010 Schedule (4th Wednesday; noon)

         A.  April 28, 2010, July 28, 2010 and October 27, 2010

Please have your calendar available at our 2-10 meeting.  We may decide to schedule a separate meeting of the Planning Body before April to continue our discussion of the Crossroads process.

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