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SPB Agenda 1-19 (doc)

The meeting will be held at the State Bar Building, 306 Townsend Street, Lansing. Lunch will be served at 12:00 noon and the meeting will begin at 12:30.

I. Welcome and introductions and organizational matters

      Please note the Planning Body's 2019 meeting dates. We're attaching an updated Planning Body membership list. Please check to make sure your contact information is correct.

II. Discussion items

      A. Detroit Justice Center (Amanda Alexander)

      The Detroit Justice Center is a non-profit law firm working with local community organizations to create economic opportunities, to transform the justice system, and to promote equitable and just cities. The Justice Center is working in a variety of legal areas, including prison reentry legal services, suspended driver's licenses, expungement, outstanding warrants, pre-trial detention and bail, and property tax assessment appeals. In addition the Center sponsors economic equity programs and a Just Cities initiative. Dr. Alexander will provide a general overview of the work of the Center.



      B. Bail Reform (Ryan Gamby)

      The State Court Administrative Office (SCAO) is in the process of launching a pilot program in five courts in Michigan to explore whether and how the use of pretrial risk assessment tools will impact detention rates; appearance rates; and new crime rates. Mr. Gamby is managing the project and will report on its development, current status, and goals.




      SPB pretrial risk assessment training materials 1-19 (pdf)


      C. Expungement (Ashely Lowe and Angela Tripp)

      Many programs -- both civil and defender -- have begun to do some work in the expungement area. These efforts include a number of different delivery models -- staff-based, pro bono, technology-based, hybrid. Ashley and Ang will discuss the various models and how they fit in with other work of the sponsoring programs. We'll also discuss the possibility of legislative reform in this area.

III. Updates

      On the other areas that the SPB has been following, we are inviting written reports prior to the meeting or brief oral reports at the meeting. Please let us know if you would like to give an oral report at the meeting.

      We have noted some issues where there have been developments and we are expecting an oral report. If you feel like you need more than 5-10 minutes for an in person report or if you would like to move a topic from the shorter report to the longer report section of the agenda, please contact Bob Gillett at rgillett@lsscm.org . If you have written materials, please send them to Bob and to Wilson Suprapto wsuprapto@mplp.org electronically.

      A. Longer Updates

          1. Changes in state government (Peter Cunningham, Katie Hennessey, all)

          There have been significant changes in state government since our last meeting---a new governor, a new attorney general, a new chief justice, etc. We'd like to briefly summarize these changes and discuss any policy advocacy opportunities that they might present.

          2. Possible JFA Task Force (Angela Tripp and Jennifer Bentley)

          Ang and Jennifer attended a national meeting organized by the National Center for State Courts (NCSC) about its Justice for All (JFA) Project. They'd like to discuss the possibility of creating a Justice For All Task Force in Michigan that would work to develop an action plan that will support 100% access to justice, as set out for the Conference of Chief Justice's Resolution 5.

          SPB JFA memo 1-19 (doc)

          3. Civil Rights and Civil Liberties (Susan Reed, Miriam Aukerman, others.)

          4. Michigan Indigent Defense Commission (Loren Khogali)

          We'll receive an update on the MIDC funding for improvements to local indigent defense systems. Also, we'll receive and update on the RFP for trial defender services in Wayne County.

          5. Ability to Pay (Peter Cunningham, Libby Hines, John Philo, others.)

          There are a number of active initiatives relating to this topic: (a) the Court Funding Commission; (b) the Cameron case; (c) the Fowler v. Johnson litigation; (d) the Drivers' responsibility fee amnesty process. We'll update you on all these topics.



          SPB Court Funding Commission Report (pdf)

      B. Shorter Updates

          1. Client Cell Phones in Court (Bob Gillett, Katie Hennessey)

          The Planning Body proposal was submitted to the Court in September 2018. We expect this to be discussed at the Court's March 2019 administrative meeting.

          2. Fee Waiver Court Rule (Katie Hennessey, Bob Gillett)

          A new fee waiver rule was adopted December 3, 2018. The initial feedback on the rule from the legal services community has been positive. SCAO is already working on technical corrections to the rule. We expect those to be published within the next few weeks.

          MCR 2.002 12-3-2018 (doc)

          3. Racial Justice Training Institute (Nicole Goodson, Lorray Brown)

          We'll receive a report on the activities of the Michigan team since the October 8 Summit and their plans for 2019.

          4. Juvenile Life without Parole (Jon Sacks)

          5. E-filing update (Ang Tripp)

          6. Unemployment Law update (John Philo, Steve Gray, David Blanchard)

          7. State Bar ATJ Policy Work (Peter Cunningham, Ashley Lowe)

          This will include an update on legislative issues, the Discovery Court Rules, Unbundling, etc.

          8. Eviction Lab update (Ashley Lowe, Angela Tripp, others)

          The Michigan Advocacy Program is working with a researcher from the University of Michigan, SCAO, and several local courts to compare the eviction-related data sets; to explore what external factors impact eviction rates in different courts; and to suggest policy changes that might lower eviction rates.

          9. Voices for Civil Justice (Ashley Lowe)

          LSAM has decided to sponsor Michigan Voices training.

          10. Amicus update (Ann Routt)

          LSAM amicus update 1-19 (doc)

          SPB Cotton COA opinion 12-18 (pdf)

          11. Cy Pres (Bob Gillett, Jennifer Bentley)

          The Planning Body proposal is expected to be discussed at the Court's March administrative meeting.

          12. Juvenile Law Issues (MaryAnn Sarosi)

          13. Michigan Legal Help Program (Ang Tripp)

          MLH At a Glance 1-5-19 (doc)

          List of toolkits and docs 1-5-19 (doc)

          14. Civil Right to Counsel (Bob Gillett)

          SPB civil right to counsel news 12-18-18 (pdf)

          15. Native American Issues (Jim Keedy, Cami Fraser)

          16. Other?

IV. 2019 Meeting Dates

      The proposed 2019 dates are:

  • April 25 (Lansing)
  • July 25 (Detroit)
  • October 24 (Lansing)

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