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Agenda with materials


I. Welcome and introductions (Denise Page Hood)

II. Discussion Items

      A. Planning Body Membership Review

At the last meeting, we added members to the Planning Body and the Agenda Committee. A revised membership list is attached.

      B. Access to Justice in the new state government (Candace Crowley and Lorraine Weber)

With the election of a new Governor and the election of a new Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, the political landscape is changing. We'd like to discuss the ongoing initiatives of the State Bar (primarily through its Judicial Crossroads process), the Campaign for Justice, and the Court's Director of Access and Fairness position in light of these political changes.

Crossroads Recommendations

Judicial Crossroads Report

III. Reports, Updates, Information Sharing

Over the past several meetings, we have expanded the Crossroads discussions and shortened the time for these reports. Now that the Crossroads recommendations are final, we want to bring the Planning Body up to speed on these other issues. We're encouraging in person reports on these issues.

The following ongoing issues may be included within Discussion item II(B)---so we're expecting short reports to the extent that these issues aren't covered in that discussion.

      A. Judicial Crossroads process (Crowley)

ATJ Cmte Reports Scanned

      B. Fines, Fees, and Costs follow up (Rossman and Stangl)
      C. Criminal Defense System Developments---report from the Campaign for Justice (Neuhard)
      D. Pro Se issues---new Supreme Court Task Force on self-represented litigants and unbundling (Rexer and Weber)

The following issues probably won't be covered in the earlier discussion, so we are expecting fuller reports in these areas.

      A. Pro Bono---update on proposed MRPC 6.1 (Gillett)

http://courts.michigan.gov/supremecourt/Resources/Administrative/index.htm#proposed - Scroll page down to section "Other" item "2010-18 - Proposed Amendment of Rule 6.1 of the Michigan Rules of Professional Conduct"

      B. Parents/Children's rights cases in the Michigan Supreme Court (Routt)
      C. State Bar Committee on Justice Initiatives (Stangl)
      D. Unemployment advocacy (Gray)
      E. Fair Labor Standards Act and Family Medical Leave Act panels (Blanchard)


      F. Immigration issues and developments (Susan Reed)

Welcoming Michigan at MIRC and Governor Snyder's Welcome to Immigrant Innovators:

DREAM Act Failure in Senate: Immigration Policy Center backgrounder dispelling the myths that won the day:

Link to Justice for Our Neighbors Southeast Michigan (JFON-SEMI) website announcing new Pontiac clinic:

Diocese of Grand Rapids Immigration Legal Services Program materials (PDF):

Padilla v. Kentucky Court Rule Change:

      G. Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project (Lorray Brown)
      H. Prisoner re-entry issues (Kim Thomas)

If you feel like you need more than 10 minutes for your report, please contact Bob Gillett at rgillett@lsscm.org and we will schedule that time. Written reports and/or links to materials that can be posted on the website are appreciated. If you have written materials, please send them to Bob electronically.

Next SPB Meetings---2011 schedule

      April 27, 2011 (Lansing)
      July 27, 2011 (Detroit)
      October 26, 2011 (Lansing)

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