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Agenda with Materials

SPB Agenda 7-20

I. Welcome; introductions (Denise Page Hood)

II. Planning Body Leadership Review

The agenda committee will review SPB leadership between the July and October meetings, with the goal of adding new members to the committee. Members who are interested in serving on the agenda committee (or in nominating another SPB member to serve) are encouraged to contact any current agenda committee member (Deierdre Weir, Denise Page Hood, Jim Neuhard, or Bob Gillett). Also, if there are individual or organizational members who you think should be added to the SPB, please suggest them.

III. Discussion Items

      A. State Bar of Michigan Judicial Crossroads Process

At our last meeting, Planning Body endorsed the Access to Justice Committee Report to the State Bar Judicial Crossroads Task Force. We also discussed adopting the Report and/or the Blueprint as an updated State Plan.

At this meeting, we'll receive an update report on the Bar process and continue our discussion of adopting a plan. There are four documents posted on the website---the Executive Summary of the ATJ Report; the full ATJ Report; the Blueprint for Justice – i.e., the numerous detailed reports used as background by the ATJ Committee; and the June 15 letter that the Planning Body sent to the Bar endorsing the ATJ Committee Report. We encourage Planning Body members to review these documents and come to the meeting prepared to discuss and act on them.

Michigan's Blueprint for Justice

ATJ Crossroads Executive Summary

ATJ Crossroads Report

Judicial Crossroads 2010 Report comments for SPB

judicial crossroads 2010 blueprint chart for SPB

Judicial crossroads report chart

IV. Reports, Updates, Information Sharing

We want to keep the Planning Body informed about these issues. We're expecting in-person reports on items A through F. Reports in other areas are optional and we'd like to keep each individual report to 5 minutes if possible. Written reports or links to materials are appreciated.If you feel like you need additional time for your report, please contact Evetta Adams at LAD (313-967-5555, ext. 5604; Eadams@ladadetroit.org) and we will schedule that time. If you have written materials, please send them to Evetta electronically.

      A. Criminal Defense System Developments---report from the Campaign for Justice (Note: The Duncan case was reversed on rehearing on July 16!) (Neuhard)

            Supreme Court Order in Duncan

      B. Pro Se issues---new Supreme Court Task Force on self-represented litigants and unbundling (Rexer and Weber)

      C. Legal services response to gulf oil spill (Weir)

      D. Pro Bono---update on Court action on proposed MRPC 6.1 (Gillett)

      E. Parents/Children's rights cases in the Michigan Supreme Court---proposed amicus role in Moore case (Routt)

            Description of Moore case

      E. Proposed revisions to MRPC 7.3 (Stangl)


      G. Michigan Supreme Court---efforts to enhance Access and Fairness

      H. Poverty/fees/fines/issue

            Bar Journal article on debtors prisons

      I. State Bar Committee on Justice Initiatives

      J. Unemployment advocacy

      K. Immigration issues and developments

            MIRC Bill Summary and Analysis HB 6256

            SA v AZ - MI Amicus 7-14-2010

      L. Michigan Foreclosure Prevention Project

      M. Prisoner re-entry issues

V. Next SPB Meetings---October 27, 2010 (Lansing)

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