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Agenda with Materials

SPB agenda v-4 10-08.doc

 I.  Welcome  (Denise Page Hood)

II.  Discussion  Items

         A.    Role of State Planning Body

                    We think this is a good time to review the role of the State Planning Body; how the Planning Body relates to the other entities, such as the State Bar's Committee on Justice Initiatives; and the goals of the Planning Body for 2009.  (*Denise Page Hood will lead this discussion with help from others.)*

         B.     Statewide foreclosure prevention program                  

                   The foreclosure crisis is affecting every Michigan community.  We want to report on the response by community organizations and legal services programs.  We want the input of the Planning Body on how the legal services programs' efforts can best connect to local community efforts.  *(Lorray Brown)* Description of Program.pdf; Map of Michigan counseling agencie.doc

III.  Update and Reports

         A.    Voting rights issues (ACLU representative and materials)

         B.    Committee on Justice Initiatives (Terri Stangl)

         C.    Pro Bono - upcoming pro bono summit; future pro bono training; etc.                                   (Dennis Donahue and Bob Gillett)

         D.    Criminal Defense System Developments (Jim Neuhard or Frank Eaman)

         E.     National Quality Initiative (Deierdre Weir)

IV.     Information Items

        A.   Prisoner re-entry employment discrimination

        B.   Immigration Providers Book

       Immigration Article; Michigan Immigrant Service Reference Guide; LINKS: http://jfonwestmichigan.org/; http://new.gbgm-umc.org/umcor/work/immigration/jfon/

        C.   Other 

V.  Upcoming SPB Meetings Dates

* January 28, 2009

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