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SPB Agenda 10-17 (doc)

The meeting will be at the State Bar Building.

The Bar's address is 306 Townsend St., Lansing.

Lunch will be served at 12:00 noon.

I. Welcome and introductions

II. Administrative Matters

      At the October meeting, we normally set our meeting dates for the next year. In 2017 the Planning Body has been meeting on the 4th Thursday of January, April, July, and October. The Agenda Committee recommends keeping these days for 2018—but if these days don't work for you, we can discuss other possible dates at the meeting.

      Also, we've received a few membership/address updates, so a new Planning Body Roster is posted on the website.


III. Discussion items

      1. Potential threats to civil rights, civil liberties, and access to justice in the new congress (Susan Reed, Miriam Aukerman, Mark Bishop, all.)

      Susan and Miriam will give us an update on immigration and civil rights issues. Mark Bishop will report on developments and priorities in the Michigan Department of Civil Rights, including their work in responding to hate crimes and the proposed interpretative statement on LGBT rights.


      2. Michigan Discovery Court Rules Proposal (Katie Hennessey)

      The State Bar has had a special committee working for the past year on major revisions to the civil discovery court rules. The committee has recently issued a report and is soliciting feedback from stakeholders including the legal services and access to justice communities on the recommendations. This will be a discussion of the principles behind the proposed rules; Planning Body members are encouraged to comment, at the meeting or afterwards, on the possible impact of the rules on legal services clients.

      SPB Civil Discovery Draft Proposal 10-17.pdf

      SPB Discovery Rules Verified Financial Statement 10-17.pdf

      20171026 SPB Civil Discovery Presentation.pptx

IV. Updates

      On the other areas that the SPB has been following, we are inviting written reports prior to the meeting or brief oral reports at the meeting. Please let us know if you would like to give an oral report at the meeting.

      We have noted some issues where there have been developments and we are expecting an oral report. If you feel like you need more than 5-10 minutes for an in person report or if you would like to move a topic from the shorter report to the longer report section of the agenda, please contact Bob Gillett at (rgillett@lsscm.org). If you have written materials, please send them to Bob and to Scott Ellis (scoellis@mplp.org) electronically.

    A. Longer Updates

          1. Ability to Pay (Peter Cunningham, Libby Hines, others.)

          This will include an update on the Court Funding Commission (no appointments announced yet) and on the Sugar Law Center suit. Also, it appears that there is a very good possibility that the Drivers' Responsibility laws may be repealed. We're linking to a legislative analysis by the Hon. William Kelly (sent to the Michigan District Judges Association and shared with permission) analyzing the bill package.

          SPB Driver Responsibility Fee Legislation Analysis 10-17.docx

          2. The State Bar reorganization and access to justice (Candace Crowley).

          This will be a continuation of the discussion from the July meeting. Since July, several of the committees have had their initial meetings.


    B. Shorter Updates

          1. Michigan Indigent Defense Commission update (Jon Sacks)

          2. Fee waivers (Candace Crowley)

          3. Juvenile Life without Parole (Val Newman, Dawn Van Hoek)

          4. National and state efforts on bail reform (Val Newman and Miriam Aukerman)

          5. Client Needs in Metro Detroit (Ashley Lowe)

          6. Cy Pres. (Bob Gillett and Jennifer Bentley)

          Cy Pres Resolution and Report ABA as Adopted 8-16.pdf

          Cy Pres draft rule 9-14-17.docx

          cy pres ABA summary of state action 4-17.pdf

          7. Racial Justice Training Institute (Bob Gillett for Lorray Brown)

          SPB Racial Justice Training Institute report 10-17.docx

          8. Michigan Legal Help Program including the Guide to Legal Help (Ang Tripp)

          list of toolkits and docs 10-1-2017.docx

          MLH At a Glance 10-1-17.docx

          SPB MLH report 10-17.docx

          9. E-filing update (Angela Tripp)

          10. Amicus update (Ann Routt)

          spb - lsam amicus update 10-17.doc

          11. Civil Right to Counsel (Bob Gillett)


          12. Unemployment Law Update (John Philo, Steve Gray, David Blanchard)

          13. LEP Developments (Susan Reed and Candace Crowley)

          14. Native American Issues (Jim Keedy)

          15. Other

V. Proposed 2018 Meeting Dates:

January 25 (Lansing)
April 26 (Lansing)
July 26 (Detroit)
October 25 (Lansing)

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